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Stye Care Kit Combo 1

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Warm compress, EyeEase Formula, MSM Drops

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This Stye Kit package 1 is helpful for healing eye styes. Package content includes:

This pack include a reusable heat compress, and eyelid wipes. The fabric, developed by NASA uses thermo-regulating fabric and releases optimum heat to provide an effective treatment.
EyeEase Formula is a formulation of herbs designed to reduce symptoms of itching and redness which is quite soothing for styes and helps reduce swelling. EyeEase is not eye drops, but is taken internally or used with the compress.

For greater benefit, add EyeEase to your therapy. Using a small washcloth, or cotton pad, you can add some drops of EyeEase to it and place the cloth or pad underneath the warm compress.

Heat 8 ounces of water to boiling to sterilize it. Add in 1 dropper of EyeEase. The water should cool down before use to let alcohol in the formulation evaporate and then you can reheat till it is warm or hot (as is comfortable for you). Soak cloth or pad moisture pad in this water/EyeEase solution. You can reuse this solution if you use clean moisture pads each time.

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