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Yoga & Vision Improvement DVD

Yoga & Vision Improvement DVD by Dr. Marc Grossman & Danial Orlansky, M.A., ERYT-500
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Yoga & Vision Improvement DVD by Dr. Marc Grossman and Danial Orlansky, M.A., ERYT-500

'Combining the Ancient Art of Yoga with Modern Eye Exercises to Help You See More Clearly'

'There is nothing more valuable than our eyesight'

Created by Behavioral Optometrist Dr. Marc Grossman, OD, L.Ac., and Danial Orlansky, 'Yoga & Vision Improvement' brings together the best of eastern and western mind/body methods for healing your vision and helping you see more clearly.

This 45 minute DVD will systematically take you through natural eye exercises, gentle yoga stretches, and simple movements that will relax your body and eyes. The 4 'Bs' of breathing, blinking, brushing, and beaming are taught, which are natural and effective ways to strengthen and refresh our vision. The exercises in 'Yoga & Vision Improvement' take only minutes, and practiced on a daily basis, or throughout the day, can help you care for, improve, and protect your eyesight for years to come.

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