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Oasis Tears Plus Eye Drops - 30 count

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Preservative free eyedrops for dry eyes.- 30 individual vials.
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Oasis Tears Plus is designed to respond to severe to moderate dry eye symptoms for both day or night use.

30 sterile disposable containers per box.

  • Relieves symptoms of dry, itchy eyes.
  • Long lasting soothing effect with glycerin for continued relief.
  • Oasis Tears Plus drops moisten the eye's surface and perform the essential function of helping protect the natural tear film.
  • Contain no toxic biopolymers which are large molecules produced by living organisms, such as sugars or cellulose.
  • Free of preservatives. This eliminates common toxic sources of eye irritation.
  • Natural blinking allows the drops to spread across the surface of the eye.

Formulated to provide relief from:

  • Computer Vision Syndrome
  • Dry eyes during day or night.
  • Irritated, itching red eyes
  • Tired eyes sensation.

Glycerin (0.22%), sodium chloride, sodium hyaluronate, sodium phosphate dibasic, sodium phosphate monobasic, water.

For external use only, do not ingest.
If you have any eye pain, your vision changes, or you experience irritation or redness, or if the dry eye condition continues for longer than 72 hours, cease use and consult your medical professional. Do not use if the product becomes cloudy or changes color.
Keep away from children's reach. If swallowed, get help from a health professional or contact your local Poison Control Center.

Use 1 or 2 drops in the dry eye as needed.
To not touch the tip of the to your eye or any other surface (avoid contamination).
Do not reuse; discard after use.

Allergy considerations: Because of the raw materials and/or the manufacturing procedure the manufacturer does not expect the following allergens in this product:

Free of lactose, chicken egg, shellfish, yeast, wheat, gluten, soy oil, nut oil, peanut oil, sesame oil, lupine, vanillin, celery, cocoa, glutamate, tartrazine, Parabenes.

Tear Film

What is the tear film and why is it important?

This 3-layered film is formed from secretions from the tear glands. Its purpose is to moisten your eyes, both protecting the surface of the cornea and removing waste products. Blinking causes the film to renew and redistribute over your eye surface. The quality of the tear film may be compromised by environmental toxins. When you spend long hours focused on the computer, you actually begin to blink less. Both effects reduce the quantity of tears that you are able to maintain and you begin to feel the symptoms of irritation.

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