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Natural Eye Care Series: Floaters and Detachments (84 page paperback book)

Natural ways to help prevent & manage floaters, vitreous, & retina health naturally
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This mini-book guide offers a unique approach to helping strengthen the vitreous and retina naturally, as well as ways to both help prevent the onset of eye floaters and well as help one’s body try to reduce these annoying floaters in healthy ways. Lifestyle changes such as exercise, care in using electronic devices, and nutrition can help you to protect your precious vision.

The book will help you make sensible, peer-researched, and clinically based decisions to support eye health. It includes recommendations for Western herbs, nutritional supplements, Chinese medicine, and additional strategies. You will learn about the underlying causes and be given tools and techniques to develop your own eye health plan.

We want to give you a plan for a practical approach based on the underlying philosophy that emphasizes prevention and support. In doing so, we celebrate the healing power within all of us and the mind/body's inherent potential for self-healing.

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