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Mitochondria Support Package

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Researched based nutrients to support of the mitochondria, retina and overall eye health, as well as brain support.
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This package was designed to specifically support mitochondrial health and function as well as overall retinal support. Package is discounted at 10% (savings of $36.23 off retail)

Products can be purchased individually as well.

Package content includes:

  • L-Carnosine (J50527) – 500mg – 1,000mg per day – potent antioxidant and helps protect nerve cells from damage.
  • D-Ribose (P2147) – 1-5 grams per day - Found in cells and particularly in the mitochondria where it is essential for energy production. It improves cellular processes when there is mitochondria dysfunction.
  • ACG Glutathione Spray - Glutathione in mitochondria is the main line of defense against oxidative damage, toxic lipid peroxides, mitochondria dysfunction and cell death.
  • PQQ – 20mg per day - PQQ is a enzyme cofactor in bacteria that behaves like a powerful antioxidant that defends against decay of mitochondria, with the ability to resist oxidation exposure 5,000 times as much as vitamin C. It influences the cell signaling pathways particular to new mitochondria formation.
  • Dr. Grossman's Vitamin C - (plant-based) - 60 caps, 485mg. Vitamin C is important to protect mitochondrial respiration and functioning, helps to prevent formation of mitochondrial free radicals, and lessens mitochondrial aging.
  • Acetyl-l-carnitine. 500mg-60 vcaps - Daily acetyl-l-carnitine helps protect neurons and maintains overall good health by facilitating the transfer of long-chain fatty acids across the mitochondrial membrane for cellular energy production.
  • OmegaGenics EPA-DHA 2400 5 fl oz Essential nutrient for retinal, optic nerve and brain health.
  • Taurine Extra Strength 1000 mg 100 vcaps (TAU30) - Essential nutrient for retinal, optic nerve and brain health.
  • Advanced Eye and Vision Support Formula - our whole food, organic, GMO free eye formula for retinal and overall eye support.
  • Dr. Grossman's Advanced Eye and Dr. G's Whole Food Superfood Multi 120 Vcap Combo - this is a whole food, organic multivitamin with the B complex and zinc shown to help support the mitochondria.
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