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Butterbur Extra 120 caps

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Supports chemistry & blood vessels of the brain, helps migraines & possibly hay fever due to grass pollen.
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The herb butterbur has been used traditionally by herbalists for a variety of health conditions. It appears to be especially helpful for spasms, swelling and inflammation. Research has suggested, used over a four month period, that butterbur can be useful in reducing the duration and intensity of migraine headaches by half - likely because of the spasm-, swelling-, and inflammation- reducing capacity. This formulation does not contain pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PAs) which can be harmful to the liver.

Supplement Facts
-Serving Size 2 capsules
-Servings per container 60
-Amount per serving

-Butterbur extract (15% petasins, no pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PAs)) 50 mg
-Riboflavin (as Vitamin B2) 200 mg
-Magnesium (as malate) 250 mg
-Feverfew extract (.5% parthenolide) 50 mg
-Ginger extract (20% gingerol & shogaol) 300 mg
-5-Hydroxy tryptophan 50 mg

--Other Ingredients: Vegetable cellulose and water


Suggested Use: 2 capsules twice daily. Some people may be able to decrease dosage of butterbur to 2 capsules daily after 1-2 months. Check with your medical professional for the optimal combination for your situation.


Note: If you are taking SSRI anti-depressant medications, have reduced kidney functioning, are taking anti-coagulant medications, barbiturates, or medications to lower your blood sugar; if you have liver disease, or if you are pregnant, do not take without consulting your medical professional.


This product contains no PAs. It contains no sugar, starch, salt, corn, whey, gluten, dairy, or soy. Vegetarian


Keep in a cool, dry place tightly capped, and out of the reach of children.

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