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Blue Light Protecting/Night Vision Package (2-month supply)

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Protects eyes from blue light and UV light
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This combination of nutrients focuses on protecting the eyes from the negative effects of blue light from overexposure from computers and digital devices, as well as from sunlight. These nutrients also help protect the retina and eye lens from damage due to exposure from UVA/UVB light and support healthy night vision. Package savings of 10% off retail.

Essential nutrients include lutein (10mg), zeaxanthin (2mg) and astaxanthin (6mg), plus a broad range of other important antioxidants for retina and overall vision support.

Package content includes:

Recommended dosage: 1 capsule of each per day. Best to take the Advanced Eye and Vision Support Formula before bedtime for best results.

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Serum and retinal responses to three different doses of macular carotenoids over 12 weeks of supplementation (March 2016)¬

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