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Program for Better Vision on CD

System to improve nearsightedness, astigmatism & eye imbalances.
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Program for Better Vision on CD - This is the best selling easy-to-use daily exercise program to improve nearsightedness, astigmatism and eye imbalances.

Package includes:

  • 2 CD's guiding you through easy exercises in 6 lessons
  • 80-page Program Guide outlining the program and explaining how it works
  • 2 Vision Charts for on-the-spot testing
  • Fusion String technique to develop binocular vision and convergence balance.
  • Toll-free tech support

This program combines eye exercises, brain/eye coordination, muscle control technique, perceptual training and relaxation tips for mind and eye.

Some of the techniques include:

  • Mind's Eye Visualization develops your capacity to visualize supporting vision restoration.
  • Fusion String technique teaches both eyes to work in coordination together
  • Spectrum Visualization release stress from your complete vision system
  • Vision Chart Techniques help to improve focus power and sharpen mental concentration and peripheral awareness.
  • Memory Visualization helps to remove limiting attitudes, images, and memories that may block clear vision.
  • Self-massage techniques to assist in releasing upper body tension held in your shoulders, neck head and eyes.

Program Guide & Schedule

This brochure, filled with photos, diagrams and illustrations guides you step by step to improved vision, explaining rational of exercise. In addition to a suggested schedule, it tells you:

  • How to judge vision improvement
  • 10 Steps to Better Vision
  • Explanation of how the eyes work.
  • Info about using your contacts and/or glasses during the program.
  • Tips to reduce eye stress and strain


The beaded Fusion String strengthens binocularity (mind and eyes working together) and convergence (both eyes looking at the same point at once).


Charts, one each for farsighted and nearsighted users, with astigmatism notes.

There are but few informed, courageous and qualified leaders concerned with those persons seeking to improve their vision. I believe that [the Program] offers realistic and proven alternatives to glasses and deteriorating vision.
Dr. Leslie H. Salov, ophthalmologist, Director,The Vision & Health Center, Whitewater WI

The relaxation and visualization techniques [of The Program] enhance the physical flexibility exercises and lead to re-learning how to use the eyes the way that they were meant to be used. I am going to recommend you to several patients.
Dr. Marcel Gingras, optometrist

I was very impressed with your home-study audiotape system, [the Program]... Once patients see the improvements they make with your Program, many are motivated to continue working with a Doctor who is certified in Vision Therapy.
Dr. Stanley A. Applebaum, F.C.O.V.D., Bethesda MD

In the last 15 years, I have examined many patients who have used [the Program]. For any person interested in improving their vision, this Program is a must to try.
Dr. Richard Kavner, F.A.A.O., New York City NY


Can I use The Program for Better Vision if...I'm farsighted or nearsighted? I have an astigmatism? I have middle-aged sight? I'm old? I'm young? I'm sensitive to light? I suffer from eyestrain?

People many different visual conditions and ages have successfully used The Program for Better Vision, irrespective of the strength of their current vision correction.

How it Works

Each CD guides you through a refreshing and effective 15-20 minute daily Vision Session for an initial 8-week period allowing you to confidently move step by step towards better vision. The most benefit comes from consistent practice, however many times a week that might be.

You will learn how to see effectively and easily, minimizing the eye stress accumulation.

You don't necessarily have to stop using glasses completely. Some people improve while using their current glasses (contacts) less and less. Others take the intermediate step of using a weaker prescription.

The Program will show you exactly which is the right way for you to use glasses so that your vision improves as easily and as quickly as possible.

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